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A commitment to quality​​

Because we know just how hard it is to get the best products for the best price.

About Our Products

With Science & Research

Unlike bones, teeth do not heal. With no mouthguard in place, a blow to the lower face sends shock waves through the skull. Mouthguards act like a shock absorber, both spreading the force over a larger area and increasing the time for the peak force to occur. Dissipating the energy of the blow over a larger area and longer time reduces its effect preventing or vastly reducing any injury.

Various Design and colours

Various Design and colours

When it comes to designs and colour, Dentinology has something for everyone. From our wide range you can choose.

Protection level

The aim of a mouthguard is to protect your teeth and soft tissue from injury when you are taking part in contact sports but different contact sports need mouthguards with different levels of protection.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your teeth into our mouthguard which is why we Custom-Fit your mouthguard.

Impression visit – We send a Dentinology team member into your school on a chosen day to take your impression.
  • Suitable for all pupils seeking the maximum protection and comfort.
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